Our practice hosts the following services and clinics:

Maternity Services

  • Opening TimesMonday PM and Thursday PM
  • Additional InformationWe provide a full range of pregnancy care but none of the doctors in the surgery cover home deliveries. If you wish a home delivery another doctor may be able to offer this.

    By appointment only.

Baby Clinic

  • Name Well Baby Clinics

 If your child is due a developmental check you will normally be sent a reminder in the post. 
If you think your child should have had a check, or have any concerns about his or her development please contact the Health Visitor.

The Health Visitor is also trained to help you with childhood problems such as feeding difficulties, sleeping problems, teething, poor or excessive weight gain etc.

For the Health Visitors and Baby Checks please ask at the CLINIC reception and not the Surgery Reception


Child Immunisations

  • Opening Times- Monday to friday book an appointment with reception
  • Additional Information You will be sent reminders in the post for all the routine baby vaccinations. We strongly recommend that your child is fully vaccinated. If you have any concerns about any aspect of this the Health Visitor, nurse. or doctor will be able to help. Baby vaccinations are usually done on a Tuesday morning, but if this is not convenient another appointment can be made.

    The recommended immunisation schedule is currently: 1st Triple + Polio + HIB Meningitis + Pneumonia 2 months 2nd Triple + Polio + HIB Meningitis + Meningitis C 3 months 3rd Triple + Polio + HIB Meningitis + Meningitis C + Pneumonia 4 months HIB Meningitis + Meningitis C 12 months MMR + Pneumonia 13 months Preschool Booster and MMR2 4 years School leaver booster 13 years

NHS Healthcheck

  • Name Well person Check-Ups
  • Additional InformationAll patients over the age of 16 are welcome to make an appointment with the nurse for advice on your general health and life-style. Why not get your cholesterol and Blood Pressure checked!

    We also offer NHS Health checks to all patients over 40 years of age. If you would like a health check please book to see the GP or practice nurses.

Smoking Cessation Clinic

  • Additional InformationStopping smoking is one of the most effective ways in which to improve your health and prevent serious illness in later life. We provide a full range of smoking cessation products and strongly recommend joining a local smoking cessation group, as this greatly increases your chances of quitting.

Chronic Illness

  • Additional InformationWe regularly review all patients with long term illness. If you are on regular medication the review date on the repeat prescription is the best time to do this. The nurse is able to review your health and medication for Diabetes, Asthma, Heart disease and COPD

Minor Surgery

  • Additional InformationSome minor surgical procedures such as removal of lumps and bumps and steroid injections can be carried out in the surgery. The doctor will advise you if this is the case and make a separate appointment with you.

Contraceptives - Other

  • Name Contraception
  • Additional Information
  • The nurse and doctors can advise you on the full range of contraceptives available. We offer all types except caps and diaphragms.
  • The surgery fits implants & Coils (Dr Kendrick) and is able to give free condoms for people aged 13 years -25 years(ask at reception for C-Card). 
    The morning after pill can be provided by your local pharmacist. If you would rather come to the practice, we are also able to provide this. Please book to see the practice nurse or a GP.

    Please note that this can be taken up to 72 hours after sex

Travel Health

  • Additional Information NHS Direct can tell you what immunisations you need.

    These are offered by the nurse.
    Malaria tablets are not available on the NHS and can either be bought from the chemist, or if a prescription is needed a private prescription can be given by the doctor.

Child Immunisations

  • Name Immunisation
  • Additional Information These are done by the nurse.

    For tetanus protection you need 2 boosters 10 years apart
    All women should be immunised against rubella (German Measles) for the safety of their future children. If you do not know if you are immune please ask the doctor or nurse


  • Additional Information These are offered every year from September/October onwards.

    We recommend this for all patients with chronic illnesses such as Asthma, Diabetes, Heart disease, kidney disease, COPD.

    All carers and patients over 65 should also have this every year

To attend one of these clinics please ring our reception on 02476612929.