Clinical Standards

In 2021/2022 we achieved over 94% in the clinical ‘Quality and Outcomes Framework’ This is a national indicator of how well we are treating out patients clinically by looking at the outcomes achieved. 

Our achievement was well above Coventry or UK average 

We conduct a yearly practice patient survey with an aim to recognise any problems patients are having and improve the service we offer. the results of this are available on this website in the patient reference group section. 

As a practice we operate a zero tolerance attitude towards violence or abuse towards our staff and patients, any patients behaving inappropriately will be warned and may be removed from our list according to the severity of the incident.

What we aim to provide to you and your family

  • A clean environment both in the waiting room and all consultation rooms
  • Courteous and considerate treatment by all the staff
  • To try and keep your wait to as short a time as possible.
  • If a delay occurs we will try to inform you.
  • That we listen to your concerns about your health
  • That we follow current good medical practice in treating you and explain your condition and options regarding treatment to you.

If you feel that we are have not met any of the above then please let us know so that we can improve things 

How can you help

  • By being patient and courteous to all our staff
  • Letting us know if you cannot make an appointment with us , and the hospital if the appointment is with them
  • If you have a number of problems – then please write them down on a list so that it makes it easier for you as well as us
  • Self treating minor illnesses yourself – the chemist and NHS Direct can offer you good simple advice – so that we can deal with more serious problems.
  • Responding to invitations for chronic disease and medication reviews
  • Not seeing the doctor for a repeat prescription when this could have been ordered at reception
  • Making sure you respond to all requests for baby vaccinations and cervical smears
  • By making sure that we have your up to date address and telephone number.